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Automation of Austin Quality Foods (Kelloggs) Plant

Last week, Cable Concepts finished a fiber upgrade for Austin Quality Foods (Kelloggs). The plant, which is located in Cary, NC, is currently implementing their plan to streamline their plant to make production of their snack line more efficient.
We ran single mode six strand fiber to data cabinets throughout the manufacturing facility and terminated it to 6 port fiber wall boxes, which are located in the data cabinets.  We also ran Cat 6 structured cabling to various areas along the processing line, then terminated it to Cat 6 patch panels. Lastly, we certified all cabling.

Fun Fact: We have this plant to thank for some delicious snacks, including Cheez-its and Lance Snack Crackers!

Excellent job, Cable Concepts techs!       

Recent Cabling Jobs

It has been a busy 2017 for Cable Concepts so far! Here are just a couple of the jobs our techs have completed in the new year:

For UNC-TV, Cable Concepts ran 96 strand single mode fiber optic structured cable from their server room to their production room. We also ran OM3 10 gig fiber to connect new server cabinets.

Cable Concepts also wired the new corporate office for Plannernet in Durham. Our techs ran Cat 6 cable to phones and computers as well as wireless access points and IP security cameras. We built out their server room with data racks and lastly, installed tablets outside of the conference rooms which will be used by Plannernet employees for reserving the conference rooms.

Comfort Systems needed a new VoIP phone system, so we re-terminated Cat 6 cable to change over from voice to data cabling.

Our techs are off to a fantastic start!

Easter Seals Corporate Center Expansion

Cable Concepts recently wired the expansion for Easter Seals’ Corporate Center in Raleigh, NC near Crabtree Valley Mall. This expansion has tripled the center’s existing space. We ran category 6 structured cabling to the new floors for their computers, phones, cubicles, printers and wireless access points with will provide phone connectivity and internet access. For their three new conference rooms, we installed and connected 70″ flat screens with HDMI, VGA, and audio cables to the conference room tables. Our techs also connected the newly wired space to the existing server room through an OM3 10 gig fiber back bone.

We were glad to have worked with Easter Seals’ IT Director and hope to do more work for them in the future.

Yet another great job by our techs! Thank you, guys!data, voice, fiber optics

Cary Orthopaedics Structured Cabling

Cary Orthopaedics has been a good customer of ours through the years; from fiber runs to category 6 cable pulls to VOIP phone installation, we’ve done some great work at their locations. We pulled all new structured cabling for their new clinic in Morrisville; which provides not only orthopaedic services, but also spine surgery and rehabilitation and physical therapy for their patients.  In the last month, we pulled category 6 cable for a nurse’s station at their Cary location which connected their computers, network printers, scanners, and wireless access points.

We enjoy doing work for Cary Orthopaedics and hope to do more for them in the future.

Thanks to our techs for their continued hard work!

New Implus Warehouse

Cable Concepts recently finished a category 6 and fiber optic structured cabling installation for Implus Corporation in Durham NC. In the 250,000 ft. warehouse we ran 10 gig fiber optic cable to various locations for the APs, IP security cameras and hand held inventory scanners.

In the office area we ran category 6 structured cables to the designated locations and setup the server room and data center using category 6 patch panels, racks, and fiber termination boxes.

Many thanks to our techs for their outstanding work!


Peace College Telecommunications Upgrade

Cable Concepts recently completed a telecommunications upgrade for Peace College in Raleigh NC. Our techs pulled and terminated 50 micron 10 gig fiber optics cable to 12 buildings from the main server room and install Access Point and cell phone nodes campus wide.

What is unique about this project is that it is a Verizon pilot project for campuses using Ethernet Cat 6 structured cable technology with the the goal to cover every inch of the campus with internet and cell phone signal. Students will now be able to better access online tools and communicate with family, friends, and colleagues with ease.

Cable Concepts partnered with Verizon and Vincumulus Corporation for this project. and we would like to thank all involved for their tenacity and extensive planning which helped us with this landmark project.

Fun fact:  The first school of art and painting in the South was established at Peace in 1875.

Great work and dedication on behalf of the  Cable Concepts techs!

Below are some pictures of the completed server room:


Traffic Tech Expansion

The Cable Concepts techs recently wired a new facility for Traffic Tech, a transport company, who have now expanded into Research Triangle Park. We ran category 6 structured cabling for their office’s cubicles for phone connectivity and internet access. The techs also installed wireless access points and hooked up their audio-visual system in their conference room. Lastly, we set up data racks with patch panels.

We enjoyed working with the IT guys from Traffic Tech’s headquarters in Montreal and hope to do more work for them in the future.

Fantastic job to the Cable Concepts techs for their tenacity and dedication to this project!


Recent Wilmington Cabling Jobs

Cable Concepts recently completed a category 6 structured cabling job for the Novella Satellite Office in Wilmington, NC. Our team finished a server room build out with data racks. We also wired two conference rooms in their building.

Later that month, Cable Concepts completed a job for McKim & Creed (also located in Wilmington, NC). We conducted a category 6 structured cabling upgrade for a new VOIP phone system and wired one conference room.

Fun fact:  the building that McKim & Creed now occupies was once a J.C. Penney Department store built in 1895!

Great work on the behalf of the Cable Concepts techs!

Data, Voice, Fiber Optic Cabling

Microsoft Data Center Cabling Upgrade

Cable Concepts recently completed a category 6 structured cabling upgrade for the Microsoft Data Center in Boydton, Virginia. The facility is expansive- with 24 planned buildings which will hold thousands of servers each; the facility employs over 120 engineers.
We provided Internet, data, voice and fiber optic cabling for these onsite engineers. We also created the fiber optic backbone that connects the building the engineers work in to the main server room.

We enjoyed working with the engineers at the data center and hope to work with them again soon.

Outstanding work on the behalf of the Cable Concepts techs!                                                                                                                BoydtonITPACs

New Aloft Hotels in Raleigh and Durham

Cable Concepts recently completed a turn-key telecommunications project at two Aloft hotels in North Carolina: The Aloft hotel in Raleigh at NC State and The Aloft hotel connected to DPAC in Durham. We ran category 6 structured cabling for 600 VoIP phones and computers, set up data centers, and did 6 remote Telcos. We also mounted and connected 450 smart T.V.s and cabled and set up 140 wireless access points. The Cable Concepts team finished these projects within one year that they were contracted out to us.

We enjoyed working with the Davidson & Jones hotel management team on both of these projects and hope to work with them again soon. Great job to the Cable Concepts techs for their hard work and dedication to these projects.

If you plan on visiting the area, please consider staying at one of these great hotels! Aloft Durham: and Aloft Raleigh: