The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic

Cable Concepts is pleased to have cabled the The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic in Raleigh, NC this past month. We pulled Category 6 structured cabling to connect printers, phones, computers, TVs, MRIs, and X-ray machines and terminated Category 6 patch panels in the server room. Our techs also installed a 7ft. rack with cable management and used a fiber optic backbone to connect an MRI room on a different floor to the server room. Then, we extended the Spectrum demark from the building’s telco room to the new data rack.

We enjoyed doing work for The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic and hope to do more for them in the future.

Thanks to our techs for their hard work and dedication to this project!


Server Room: Before

Server Room: After

Server Room: After (close-up)