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Data Center Cleaning Tips

Contaminants in a data center can lead to overheating, corrosion damage, electrical and mechanical failure of disk and tape drives, power supplies and circuit boards.  Maintaining a clean data center is critical to its long term success and continued uptime.

Copper vs. Fiber Optic Cables

When assessing which type of network cable you want to install, which type should you go with? Copper has been used in electrical wiring since the invention of the electromagnet and the telegraph  in the 1820s. Copper wire is used

Goodwill Industries of North Carolina: New Credit Card Machine Installation

Cable Concepts is pleased to be in the process of installing credit card machines for 41 Goodwill locations across North Carolina. Previously, Goodwill locations in our area only accepted checks and cash payment for goods.  Our work will consist of

Sound Masking vs. Noise Cancellation

Sound masking (or “white noise”) is often confused with sound cancellation. They are not the same thing, though this is a common mistake.  When we speak to customers, they often think of sound masking as if it were something like

Zip Ties Vs. Velcro

There has been much debate whether it is better to use zip ties or Velcro for structured cabling projects. Each have the capacity to pull together attractive cabling projects. They both have their individual strengths and positive attributes, but is

New RTP Credit Union Corporate Headquarters and Branch Location in Durham, NC

Cable Concepts recently wired the new RTP Credit Union Corporate Headquarters with an additional branch location in the same building. We ran category 6 structured cabling for computers, phones, teller locations, access points, and printers. We installed data racks and

USA Baseball Job

Cable Concepts recently ran Cat 6 structured cabling drops for phone and computers at USA Baseball, headquartered in Research Triangle Park. They required extra connectivity because they are adding staff for the upcoming baseball season, which starts next week. A

Carolina Hurricanes – Server Room Cleanup

Cable Concepts recently performed a server room overhaul for Raleigh’s Carolina Hurricanes, whose home is the PNC Arena. The new owners of the Carolina Hurricanes were making improvements and updates to existing facilities and hired Cable Concepts to cleanup and

The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic

Cable Concepts is pleased to have cabled the The Bone and Joint Surgery Clinic in Raleigh, NC this past month. We pulled Category 6 structured cabling to connect printers, phones, computers, TVs, MRIs, and X-ray machines and terminated Category 6

Pendo New Location

Cable Concepts has recently been wiring the new location for Pendo in Downtown Raleigh. The company will be taking over 3 floors in the Wells Fargo Capitol Center on Fayetteville Street, which will have a capacity of 400 people once